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Saturday, February 11, 2006

//buddy bloggity and post-it-pallooza//

So i got bored at work these past few days... so i went through post its and index cards like mad with my doodlage...

so first the buddy bloggity which was drawn on an index sized card and then coloured in photoshop.

From left to right...
My fiancee Jason, My "big" little brother Scott (aka the 7 ft tall leprechan), and my perpetual adopted little brother and partner in crime Alec.
Buddy Bloggity


This one was an accumulation of several inside jokes. I kinda drove my office mate bonkers when my mixed cd was playing Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" all day long. So that night, on the forums we both frequent, he said that because of hearing "I love you" all day (and being single as he is) he said he must now fight an army of chibi Natasha Bedingfields and that we may not see him again. I wished him well in his good fight and asked him to spare one Chibi Bedingfield for me (because i love chibies and Natasha Bedingfield).

So then my friend Doug (dmolla) says that Chibi Cy would totally be hitting on Chibi Natasha because he's Cy and if its a girl... he hits on her.

So thats where this post-it doodle came from.
Cy you pimpsta

and here is my buddy Mr. Working Class Zombie.


Speaking of post its... I'm thinking of starting up a blog where artists can post their post-it note doodles. A whole art community full of post it note doodles... imagine that! You may say I'm a day dreamer, but I'm not the only one. So let me know if you'd be interested in joining in on that and posting your post it note doodles to it... it'd be called "Post-It Pallooza"

I'll post more later. Working on a piece called "Ophelia the Ogre Slayer" and got a great TT valentines pic for y'all (heh more cyborg/raven art).

Love, peace, and chicken grease y'all.


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