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Monday, February 13, 2006

//darkness ensues//

Well as I work on finishing up my design on Ophelia the Ogre Slayer and add a few minor touches on my Vday pic... here is something on the dark side of titans to hold y'all over.


This pic is actually just a tiny snippit from a comic page I did way back in June. Originally it was Raven looking back at Robin nerveously as he waited for an answer.

It sat idly in my sketch pad, Raven haunting me with that one solitary eye. Finally today I was like "THATS IT! I'm colouring this biatch!"

Well after a considerable amount of cropping, colouring, the addition of a gothic cathedral back ground, and some blood... Guilty Conscience came into being. And what a creation it was. Makes me all kinds of happy.

Even gots me a lyric to go with it.

"Your broken heart it
Beats for the Dear Departed
Your torture is your art it
Just isn't the same"
~ Dissident, Kaden


Anonymous dmolla said...

this is just such a cool pic. an absolute disturibing, chilling, creepy pic. I totally love it.

*Robin, Starfire and Cyborg come home from grocery shopping*

Rob: We're home! who wants to eat....*drops bags*
Star: *gasps* Beast Boy....
Cy: Rae, WHAT DID YOU DO????

Rae: I just couldn't stand his music anymore.....

3:34 PM  

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