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Monday, May 08, 2006

// i don't know what's wrong with kids today//


This makes me sad. The fact that 15 year olds are kniffing other kids. Its a sad sign of the world you know.

But what makes this worse, is that my sister, who is 14... was good friends with the boy who died. Its gotta be hard for his friends dealing with this. They're at an age where emotions run a little more rampant than usual... I've been there, I know.

The entire junior high school was in total bedlam today. Kids were going home early, special areas were designated for kids to grieve if they couldn't get a ride home. Some classes were cancelled.

My sister has been a total wreck because of this.

Its sad enough seeing these stories on the news, but when you come from a small town, it really hits hard.

The only thing that keeps going through my mind is "Why"?

I suppose I should be happy that my birthday is tomorrow, but its hard to smile with news like this.


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