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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

//hi, my name is alicia... and i am a primal addict//

Oh my God! I am a bit late in getting the game (by oh about 3 years) but I just beat the best game I have ever played in my entire life! Its called Primal and you play as characters Jennifer "Jen" Tate (a half demon girl with spunk and attitude) and Scree (the most adorable gargoyle a girl could ever have for a guide).

You have to guide them through the 4 realms of oblivion to save the worlds... and get Jen's boyfriend Lewis back from the baddies. For all its fun the game is a TOTAL time suck... and I loved every minute of it! But now that its over... I have my life back.

And I've been working on the comic some more! We've got a wonderful penciller for the interior art named Mark. Here is one of his pieces that I inked and coloured...

More AW art to come later.


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