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Thursday, April 27, 2006

//crazeh crazeh crazeh//

Long time no postie eh? Life's been bizeh! Not to mention things have been crazy at work... in the "makes me want to sing angry screamy songs at karaoke and break stuff" kind of way. I'm over it now... but damn...

So I'm still working on getting something done up for the big Comic Artist talent search at Wizard World Philie... I'm nerveous as all hell too...

In the meanwhile I'm also writing up the script for the Azura Wasteland ashcan comic with my fiancee. Its coming along alright. We just gotta get it to our penciler Mark and have him work is magic. And I gotta finish the cover... >.< Then we gotta get it printed.

We're including business card "Trading Cards" with each comic... they're really neat! Each card has the hero's secret human identity on the front as a face shot (drawn by me) and on the back we have a full body shot of them in costume with the logo and their super hero name (drawn by Mark, inked and shaded by me). I designed the layout and we have one for each of the 5 main heroes. Everyone who's seen them so far LOVES them... said they were really original and awesome. Even my boss who knows a lot about marketing said it was a bril idea.

I do occasionally get those. :)

Here's a preview of the front and back of Stryker's card.

Pretty tight huh? Isn't mark a great artist? I luff his stuff!

ALSO! I did Muse up all 3D like! You can see her up top there on that banner thingamagig! Took me all tuesday night. From 7PM to 4AM. No wonder I'm tired. I made her face look kinda like mine... I think it works for her.

So, y'all please be sure to let me know what you think. I love hearing from y'all.

oh and on a side note... last night a drunk guy got me to dance with him at karaoke... that was interesting. Nothing happened though (i made sure of it) and I bet once Jason hears about this he will be laughing his ass off... I know I was the entire time.


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