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Friday, May 26, 2006

//gearing up and getting ready//

Well the time of Wizard World Philly draws near. I decided not to do the Wildstorm contest as the prize will cost me some hard-earned dollars (that I cant exactly part with at the moment) and the rules want me to draw a gen13 comic. I'm totally unfamiliar with gen13 so I'll pass on the competition and will focus instead on Azura Wasteland.

We got a beautimous preview of the cover, 2 face profile pics of Deirdre (Muse) and Santiago (Stryker-X) done entirely on the computer by me, and a penciled page by our interiour pencil, Mark Williams.

You can help support the comic and us by visiting www.cafepress.com/goastudios and purchasing something from one of appearal stores, OR you can pick up my album, www.cdbaby.com/kaden .

Look for Jason and I at Wizard World Philly... we'll be wearing Azura Wasteland Jerseys.


On a side note! I got the TT video game and beat it in 4 hours. Unlocked all the hidden characters and arenas but still have some art to unlock... must play more!


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