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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

//i back: Wizard World Philly Report and more//

So.... first off, its about damn time I got off my ass and wrote about my philly con experience...

I was there Sat and Sun and damn was it a blast!

Met Geoff Johns (was second in line too!) and got him to sign one of my TT comics and gave him a copy of my indie comic. Met a whole bunch of really cool artists (including http://sAUcEbOy.deviantart.com). Got to watch Amanda Conners draw which was quite an inspiring experience for me (being an aspiring female comic artist myself).

I got my portfolio preliminarily reviewed at the Aspen booth with some very hopeful positive feedback, The guy said "You have a very unique style, you're not copying anyone else. I havent seen a style quite like this. However, you need to work on making your lines more confident and you need to get some sequentials in your portfolio... bring this back to us next year and we couold definately use someone like you" w00t!

I also went almost bankrupt buying awesome stuff!

And the highlight of the weekend... sneaking past the security guard to meet Kevin Smith and give him a copy of the comic. He was EXTREMELY nice and was happy to look through it. Also met Jason Mewes and gave him one.

I also met Dazza (that was interesting) and Noel Neill both of whom where EXTREMELY nice.

Wish I ran into some more of y'all though. I was the girl walking around the con saturday with short flippy hair and dressed like superboy. Sunday I had a robin shirt on. I was with the only guy in the convention who wore a business suit.

So anywho... that said... I'm now working my ass off on getting things done. We're going to be doing a bi-weekly one page release of issue 1 of Azura Wasteland until Wizard World Philly next year. Then we wont post the rest. No you have to buy the comic to see how issue one ends. Evil. but hey its not too exspensive. :P We're also teaming up with other aspiring comicpeeps in the area and making Ghosts of Avalon Studios a big network of local peeps doing comics. We will rotate artist and all and hope to have some good stuff!

Thanks to all y'all who show the love and support and also special thanks to sAUcEbOy for chatting it up with me at the con and doing that killer sketch of Tide and to Mr. Ethan Van Sciver (artist on Green Lantern, Green Lantern Rebirth, and Superman/Batman) for taking the time to look over my stuff the other day and for the very encouraging words. Hearing you say that my Nightwing looked professional really helped boost my confidence. I'm getting on those backgrounds and sequentials right away. :)

So it be time for me to go to sleep now. I'll check in on you cats later.


Oh and here be some art to tide you over

check out my new hair do. yay


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