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Friday, June 02, 2006

//wizard world philly here i come//

Greatings all,

Come this time tomorrow, Jason and I will be in Philly gearing up to promote our comic Azura Wasteland and handing out mini comics. I'm excited and really hope to meet Geoff Johns, Michael Turner, and others there.

If y'all going look for a girl in a white shirt with black sleeves and the words Azura Wasteland (baseball style logo) in red and black on the front. The back will say MILLER and have the number 12 under it. She'll also be wearing a white ball cap with the same AW logo on the front. That'll be me. Jason will have a similar shirt with WASHINGTON 2 on the back. No hat.

We can give you a free mini comic there.

So come find us y'all!

Hope to see y'all there! PEACE


Blogger Alexiev said...

Muy buen trabajo... Saludos...

11:48 AM  
Blogger potato farm girl said...

sounds like it was fun! I was informed by a friend yesterday that I'm going to Anime con in Anaheim. It's a summer of comic and animation nerds! Yay! Just like me!!

2:12 AM  

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