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Friday, May 26, 2006

//gearing up and getting ready//

Well the time of Wizard World Philly draws near. I decided not to do the Wildstorm contest as the prize will cost me some hard-earned dollars (that I cant exactly part with at the moment) and the rules want me to draw a gen13 comic. I'm totally unfamiliar with gen13 so I'll pass on the competition and will focus instead on Azura Wasteland.

We got a beautimous preview of the cover, 2 face profile pics of Deirdre (Muse) and Santiago (Stryker-X) done entirely on the computer by me, and a penciled page by our interiour pencil, Mark Williams.

You can help support the comic and us by visiting www.cafepress.com/goastudios and purchasing something from one of appearal stores, OR you can pick up my album, www.cdbaby.com/kaden .

Look for Jason and I at Wizard World Philly... we'll be wearing Azura Wasteland Jerseys.


On a side note! I got the TT video game and beat it in 4 hours. Unlocked all the hidden characters and arenas but still have some art to unlock... must play more!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

//itty bitty kitty time//

No art today folks...

But I do have photos of the all too cute Kitten that Jason and I are getting when we get the new apartment.

Her name is Lily (or as I call her Lily-Bug) and she's about 5 monthes old. None of the cats in Jason's family really want her around so we get to take her.

I've never had a kitten before (mom is highly allergic) so I am really thrilled.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

//happy birthday to me and 50th entry!!!//

I swear that wasnt planned.

Yay I'm the big 23. Pretty soon I'll be sipping prune juice and speeding through the retirement home in my electric wheelchair. I'm getting old.

Hopefully I got those DDR dance pads like I wanted. My Raven shirt should be coming in today from Ty's Toybox.

Oh and mid-August, Jason and I move into our new apartment! YAAAAAY.

As starfire would put it...

Friends! What a glorious day!

Monday, May 08, 2006

// i don't know what's wrong with kids today//


This makes me sad. The fact that 15 year olds are kniffing other kids. Its a sad sign of the world you know.

But what makes this worse, is that my sister, who is 14... was good friends with the boy who died. Its gotta be hard for his friends dealing with this. They're at an age where emotions run a little more rampant than usual... I've been there, I know.

The entire junior high school was in total bedlam today. Kids were going home early, special areas were designated for kids to grieve if they couldn't get a ride home. Some classes were cancelled.

My sister has been a total wreck because of this.

Its sad enough seeing these stories on the news, but when you come from a small town, it really hits hard.

The only thing that keeps going through my mind is "Why"?

I suppose I should be happy that my birthday is tomorrow, but its hard to smile with news like this.

Friday, May 05, 2006

//FINALLY!!! a drawing is done//

Its bold, its new, its kinda bitmappy *but I will fix that* its the concept art for Nightingale!

She's evil... I will disclose no more than that.

Nightingale ©2006 Alicia Hackney & Jason Guy

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I hate getting sick. I REALLY hate getting sick. I missed two days of work and was sick most of the weekend with what felt like the flu... and I am still recovering now. *sigh* I didnt even get any art done while sick in bed. Just spent the whole time surfing the net and playing Tony Hawk American Wasteland.

Its official... as of this moment... I am so sick of orange juice >.<

Well hopefully I'll get some more art done soon.