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Friday, March 03, 2006

//who said life was easy...//

Its official... irony is a bitch.

My fiance is a security officer at Christiandom College, which by the way has a beautiful campus and very nice students. He works at night from 8pm to 4am every weeknight and is not onlya luietenant but also the site supervisor.

This is all good and well except that he then goes to school during the week and doesnt get the amount of sleep he needs. This worries me deeply, especially since he only got through a battle with Cancer just over 2 years ago.

I've been encouranging him to pursue getting a job as a game warden because he loves animals and wants to help them. He would have better hours and it would give us more time together (considering i work day and he works night we only really get the weekends). He thought it was a great idea and finally opportunity knocked. He met up with a game warden who said they were hiring. He's been looking into it and researching it. I've been behind him all the way.

This is where Irony decides to bite...

In order to get this job... he must do some training... and when I say some I mean 32 weeks.

Thats about six and a half months... a little over half a year. He'd start in September of this year and come back in April of 07... we were planning on being wed in May or June of 07. I will get to see him on holidays and thats about it.

So much for spending more time together...

He hasnt decided what he's going to do yet... I know that no matter what decision he makes... I will be behind him all the way. It wont be easy... but life's dealt him enough deterants from achieving what he wants.

And I know that he'll be happy if he gets this job. He says that it will help him to help provide for us more efficiantly.

There's a good reason why I love him so much. No matter how hard life knocks him down... he gets right back up. It inspires me to do the same everyday.

I wasnt originally going to post a picture with this thread but I think I will after all... its a picture of jason and i. I drew it for valentines day.

Well that does it for my little pour out.


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