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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

//"deathwing" and muse//

I am in a good mood this afternoon. I checked up on my CDbaby page to see if anyone else had purchased or reviewed my debut album "Make Your Own Adventure" and found I had two loverly reviews. One was even from Teen Titans Go! Writer J. Torres! Here are the reviews:

5 out of 5 stars
Teen Titans... Groove!
Reviewer: J. Torres
Infectious, headbobbing, danceable music! If you're a fan of Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Kid Koala and the like, you're sure to enjoy this CD. And if you happen to be a fan of Teen Titans, then you'll have fun listening to this "lost soundtrack"...

5 out of 5 stars
This album is totally awesome!
Reviewer: DMolla
Typically, I'm not into this kind of music, but Kaden does such an awesome job crafting it and melding it together, that it just drew me in and hooked me. I listen to this album during my long commutes to work, and its beats and rhythms keep me nice and awake. I can totally see dancing to this album in a club!

So yeah... my album being called the TT lost soundtrack is pretty dang cool. Thanks for reviewing you guys.


Now for art. Made for a fanfic that I was co-writing with dmolla but never quite finished, is Deathwing (I believe he is a vast improvement on the scraggly one in the evil raven arch in the early 90s). Deathwing is the Paladin of Scath in the story... he's also Robin... heh heh heh


And another Azura Wasteland pic. This time the final redesign on Muse with colour scheme. Muse can manipulate people through song. She's originally from Ireland. She's very quiet and expresses herself through music.

Muse is ©2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, and Ghosts of Avalon Studios

comments, critiques, and otherwise are appreciated.


Anonymous dmolla said...

you're album does totally rock K. You gotta get working on your sophmore release before the masses begin to riot!

Deathwing is such a disturbingly awesome piece. I love the mask. I heard one of his powers is the ability to make a fan fic stop dead in its track... 0:)

and Muse is totally my favorite from AW. Love the redesign.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Alicia "Kaden" Hackney said...


yeah deathwings fic killing abilities are quite fearsome. more so than his ability to look like he was totally ripped out of a Dungeons & Dragons "Player's Handbook"

7:44 PM  
Anonymous dmolla said...

hahaha, isn't it great to have a friend not into D&D? I totally didn't know that about him! :)

9:35 PM  
Blogger Alicia "Kaden" Hackney said...

lol well i did design him in his entirety... its just that he looks like he'd be from d&d

9:37 PM  

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