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Thursday, March 30, 2006

//a day in the life... part 4//

Hey-o, I am starting to come down with something >.< and right before the weekend the soon to be husband and I go looking for apartments... but oh well it happens to the best of us.

Here is part 4 of "A Day in The Life..."

Me singing Zombie by the Cranberries... go figure that I actually LOOK like a zombie in the process. And there is my good buddy and bartender extraordinair Alton (Alton get down!) He's a hell of a musician... we're going to be working on an album together.

and... thats it for a day in the life of Alicia, artist and musician.

Hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

//post #40!!! and a day in the life... part 3//

Happy 40th post to me!

And now more pictures from a day in the life!

More office shots including our sales staffs offices, our tape duplication room and our cd duplication room and our studio... as well as...

POSTITS! And my fiance... granted that pic was taken over a weekend when we went to see The Scarlet Pimpernell but still... and Karateoke... I mean Karaoke. There I am with some friends doing a little bit of Evanescence's Bring Me To Life.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

//medieval raven and a day in the life... part 2//

Well here is Raven as I picture her in Medieval times.... She would totally make a kick ass sorceress... I kind of took some inspiration from the create a character mode in Soul Caliber III for this one. She would be a neutral person unless a great need of her services were required... then she would side with good... but to cross her would be to dig your own grave.

Piece took 6 hours total.

And on to part two!

My inbox is empty. this makes me happy. This is my office that I share with fellow artisan (and co artist for Azura Wasteland) Mark.

Well thats all for now on that. TTFN

Oh and a shout out to Greg Cipes... thanks for stopping buy dude!

Monday, March 27, 2006

//medieval cyborg and a day in the life... part 1//

Hi-ho everyone! First things first, I finished Medieval Cyborg... ain't he perty?

Today marks the start of "A Day in the Life" in which everyday or so I'll post a few photos of things that I do during the day. Now granted these photos span a few days but for the sake of keeping it less confusing... lets just call this a typical Wenseday.

I start out waking up at 5:30 am and hit my snooze alarm until 6:30 (which is the actual time I wake up). I then take a shower (sorry no available pic for that) and get my breakfast... mmmm waffles. Then I feed and water the dog, Gizmo, and go down stairs to my room to get dressed. I usually spend time on the computer first though... And there I am fully dressed and ready for a fun filled day of work!

Then after farting around more on the PC upstairs I get in my car (i love my front yard and car) and drive over the bridge (woo fun photo) to work. This is my desk with my Titans chibies. I work at National Media Services as a graphic Designer.

Well, I'll post more pics of my average Wenseday later!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

//the doctor is in//

While I'm working on colouring my Medieval Cyborg piece (heh heh he's going medieval on us) I decided to draw Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor in the new Doctor Who series. He was quite fun to draw (I just adore his big ears!) and easy to stylize. So here is the Doctor.

comments make me feel loved... i mean i appreciate comments and feedback.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

//new art... like really new//

A-Ha! Its Robin medieval style! This is part of a challenge given to me (sorta) by Chamzi who said I should do the Titans Medieval style. She already did an awesome pic of them here. So now I'm doing mine... one by one at first until I finish all 5 and then I'll slap them together in one final piece.

Robin of course would have to be a robin hood like rogue. Very dashing and handsom. I based his costume off of 3 things... his regular Titans costume and the costumes that Kevin Costner and Christian Slater wore in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Next up will be Sir Victor Stone (aka Cyborg as a knight)

Comments are appreciated.

Monday, March 20, 2006


okay two posts in one day... BUT! That thing i spoke of about the land issue back in my War post... well its resolved and we won. They're taking down their signs this weekend!

all I gots to say is BOOYAH!

//hmmm doctor who and stuff//

Well its Monday *unenthused hoorah* and I got to catch the Friday night US premier of Doctor Who *enthused hoorah*

What a great show! I totally loved it. I feel a need to draw the doctor now thats for damn sure.

Did anyone else catch it?

Well no artwork today because the photo uploader is being a meanie head so instead I'll share with you a rare treat...

This is a fanvideo I did for teen titans... I claim no ownership over the video clips obviously... but the song is mine. Its off my Make Your Own Adventure album. The song and video is called "New Jump City" enjoy y'all.

Monday, March 13, 2006

//of course you realize this means war...//

I have a huge grudge to settle...

We have this really nice river property running behind my house.

My dad has maintained it for 15 years and such.

Well now this one section of town called Hensel Stone is claiming they have ownership over a part of it... suddenly... after 12 years of being there (hensel stone was built after we moved here).

Its been surveyed twice over the past 15 years and both times the results came up the same. That's our property. But this weekend, some Hensel Stone residents took down our No Trespassing signs and put up their own.

To make matters worse, they never discussed this with us. Never warned us. They just went and took them down.

Today, some goth girl was down there smoking and watching some cows in the water. My dad asked her what she was doing on our property and she said she was waiting for the Game Warden to get the cows out of the water... and then added it was Hensel Stone's property and her mother proudly boasted of the people taking our signs down.

My dad toiled summer after summer to keep that property clean, neat, and well maintained. He cleared bramble from it, he took a back-o down there to make it a more level walking path and to make the dirt more compact and better for seed. He spent most of last summer re-seeding it. He's picked up litter that trespassers would leave... trespassers from Hensel Stone.

And now these kids will be going down there and will totally trash the place with no regard. They always do.

Its like someone coming in and dumping trash in your back yard and then throwing large parties there with out any respect for those around or the nature they are in.

Its like they're doing it to my childhood memories. That was one of my favourite play spots growing up. My last dog, Tramp, who grew up with me since I was 6, loved to play down there.

Its just not right.

I don't know what to do but my dad is looking to do something. He didn't work all that time and all those years just to have a bunch of people suddenly take it from him.

And I'll be right there with him to fight it.

Hensel Stone is going to lose this one. I won't let them take this from my family.

Sorry if my posts lately haven't been so cheery its just bad crap likes to hit all at once.

So I leave you with a picture of nature to go along with this post.

Friday, March 10, 2006

//more azura wasteland art... and kaden... puffy style//

Hey y'all. Wow I haven't posted since monday... too long too long. Well finally got the chance to scan some things... Azura Wasteland stuff and me all tooned out. So here they are...

Time for the antagonists!

from left to right... Deceiver, Oliver Crowe, and Scab.

and for something cute and different...

Me... puffy style!

Well still getting photos for my "a day in the life of..." post. catch y'all later...

And remember... I love comments and critiques on my work. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

//go speed racer go//

I believe Trixie is out there somewhere looking for some speed... dunno how he got here.

This was my entry for J. Torres Online forums' "I Love Cartoons" art assignment...

the rules were:
pick one of your favourite cartoon characters and draw them in YOUR OWN STYLE (and please try to keep things rated "E" for everyone).

Only three (other) rules to follow, really...

Rule #1: NO Teen Titans characters. In fact, brownie points for avoiding heroes of the capes and tights variety.

Rule #2: Post a link to your artwork here by noon (E.S.T.) on Monday, March 13.

Rule #3: Have fun with it!

So I did Speed Racer for fun. I've never really watched the show... but I wanted to draw him so here he is!

Probably one of my fave pieces... and i did it tonight. First time drawing Speed Racer too.

//stuff... yeah...//

Well as i last reported... my fiance may be going to an academy to get the training he needs to become a game warden. He decided this weekend that he's definately doing it. And after talking with him about it... I'm doing okay. He takes the entrance exam in either late august or early september.

In light of last night Oscars... and because I can.
Drawn on a index sized glossy card with a bic pen and a sharpie.

Well peace out y'all.

Friday, March 03, 2006

//who said life was easy...//

Its official... irony is a bitch.

My fiance is a security officer at Christiandom College, which by the way has a beautiful campus and very nice students. He works at night from 8pm to 4am every weeknight and is not onlya luietenant but also the site supervisor.

This is all good and well except that he then goes to school during the week and doesnt get the amount of sleep he needs. This worries me deeply, especially since he only got through a battle with Cancer just over 2 years ago.

I've been encouranging him to pursue getting a job as a game warden because he loves animals and wants to help them. He would have better hours and it would give us more time together (considering i work day and he works night we only really get the weekends). He thought it was a great idea and finally opportunity knocked. He met up with a game warden who said they were hiring. He's been looking into it and researching it. I've been behind him all the way.

This is where Irony decides to bite...

In order to get this job... he must do some training... and when I say some I mean 32 weeks.

Thats about six and a half months... a little over half a year. He'd start in September of this year and come back in April of 07... we were planning on being wed in May or June of 07. I will get to see him on holidays and thats about it.

So much for spending more time together...

He hasnt decided what he's going to do yet... I know that no matter what decision he makes... I will be behind him all the way. It wont be easy... but life's dealt him enough deterants from achieving what he wants.

And I know that he'll be happy if he gets this job. He says that it will help him to help provide for us more efficiantly.

There's a good reason why I love him so much. No matter how hard life knocks him down... he gets right back up. It inspires me to do the same everyday.

I wasnt originally going to post a picture with this thread but I think I will after all... its a picture of jason and i. I drew it for valentines day.

Well that does it for my little pour out.

//crazy vector self portrait//

"If these shadows have offended... then you're too damn sensitive!"

I did this crazy self portrait sometime in august last year.

Made in illustratorCS2 and slightly doctored in photoshopCS2.

Sometime next week I will be posting a special "Day in the Life Of..." blog where I post photos of how my day usually goes. Something fun to share with you I guess.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

//art time!//

Okay, I'm working on completing some pieces so in the mean time... here's some random art...

Toon Raven in realism and Comic Rae with Comic BB (I love this pairing in the comics... but not in the show)

Starfire made gorkaberry surprise... and BB isnt happy about it.

Yay for Deathstroke! Inks (Left) and Vectors (Right)

Deathstroke/Slade is like the sean connery of evil...

Okay... thats enough massive posting for now.

Comments are always appreciated.

//birthmark raven lives//

Who's ready to see my craptacular Birthmark Raven cosplay from Dragon*Con last august... okay here it be...

My hair wouldnt get purple enough and my friend wasnt able to finish the belt in time... oh well... I did however run into a dude dressed as Deathstroke (slade in the comics)

That pic sucks because I was trying so hard not to laugh... so I look terrible.

But yeah thats my Birthmark Costume... lucky me that the convention was in late august in Atlanta or I would have been frozen solid...

I also had 2 other cosplays... but my fave was when I was running around in my hotel roommate's batman cowl and gloves...

that second one is me dressed as Fred Burkle from the now canceled show Angel... I was actually wearing Amy Acker's (Fred)screen worn shirt from the season 4 episodes "Shiney Happy People" and "Magic Bullet". Funny part about the second photo is that Amy Acker did the voice of the Huntress (far right) on Justice League Unlimited.

and here's me as Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Batman and Catwoman

dunno why I'm posting these... maybe i was just bored... will post more art later.