//the art of k//

My blog for posting my art and doodles. Just a place to post the things that arent on my deviantART page... and some that are.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

//teen titans in 3D... oh yeah and batman too//

I finally decided I'd post these here... Teen Titans in 3D!

Made in poser5 and taking a combined total time of way too long I bring you BB, Robin, and Raven (face shot) in 3D!!!

I kinda gave up on Starfire and had no intention of attempting Cy... toooooooo hard.
and now to be all tangenty from the main topic...

heh heh batsy started out as a sharpie drawing on an index card... photoshop is my friend.

Well thats all for now! :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

//adventure knight and the otherwise pointless post//

We love you adventure knight!

No really... we do!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

//and now for a moment of boredom induced posting...//

*sigh* Boredness ensues...

I had such a busy and exciting weekend that now that I'm sitting here on my butt and my friends are asleep or else where I have found that boredom is setting in. I worked out with my Saturday morning, went to a cafe with him in the early-afternoon. Had adventures in black-out land around midafternoon and then went Karateoking (aka Karaoke) from 8:30pm til 2am sunday. Then today I was playing Dungeons & Dragons all day... I'm such a dork.

I did, however, finish a pic I was doing for the awesome Sergio Quijada who did a kick ass commission for me.

He drew this pic of me playing my guitar. I totally love it. It's going on some t-shirts and the art for my next album "Look Out World" which I am currently writing songs for (this album is my studio album so its gonna be kinda femme rockie... but will also have some digital tracks with my laying down some vocals).

The dude is totally amazing. He is the artist on the comic Goth Ghost Girl (Ronin Studios). He has some really kick ass pieces on his website (check out his teen titans art!) and is an incredibly nice dude. Goth Ghost Girl has a pin-up art book coming out soon with his art in it. Be sure to be on the look out for that.

So anyway... in return I drew Goth Ghost Girl for him as a way of thanking him. It was my first time drawing the character... not to mention drawing a skirt that short. I had to be careful on that part... wanted to get the anatomy right on that. However I purposely made the longs a wee bit long... I always do anyway.

This piece was great fun to make. I do love a challenge. Keeps things interesting. I'm hoping to maybe take a few requests every now and then (although commissions are better because I do got some bills to pay). So any suggestions on things you guys would like to see me draw are appreciated and welcomed.

Oh and on a final note...

scowly raven post it note art.

Well thats all I can think to post at the moment. Ciao all.

//beyond these streets//

omg! I didnt post the pic I said I would... the world is doomed. Okay not really but the power kinda went kapoot yesterday (a transformer caught on fire... damn decepticons) so I couldnt post.

This pic is called Beyond These Streets and was a birthday pic for my friend Chamzi.

The idea came to me from the song "Beyond These Streets" by Project 12:01

Beyond these streets...
Across this city...
I reach out for forgiveness, baby
To bring you closer...
To me.

I picture Raven is walking the streets looking for a special someone that she needs to reconcile with.

Best part about this pic is its all Rae ships friendly. Could be Robin, BB, Cyborg, Star, Slade, etc. that she's trying to find. Its up to the viewer to decide who. :)

Piece took 27 hours.

BTW... the sign behind Rae says "Fortune Readings: Madame Jezeihl" ... Jezeihl is my bard character in Dungeons & Dragons. Wanted to add it for kicks.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

//kitty the hutt//

yay for trend whoring! I so loved the fat kitties that Brianne did in her blog (http://potatofarmgirl.blogspot.com ) that I had to draw one too... only my coworker dared me to make it into Kitty the Hutt.

Stay tuned folks because in the morning after I wake up... I'm posting a really cool Raven pic.

Well now its bed time for bonzo. Buenos Noches everyone.

Friday, February 24, 2006

//rockSTARfire and skid... oh the fun never ends//

Rock on with your Frock on!

Finally got around to getting the GOOD scan of rockSTARfire posted. This was inspired by starfire voice actress Hynden Walch's performance of "Mad World" that was an easter egg on the TT Complete First Season DVD. The song was totally rocking and I just HAD to draw rockstar starfire.

Will be adding word bubbles and stuff later.

Star makes a kick ass rocker. Kinda channeling a bit of Gwen Stefani from her No Doubt years (damn did No Doubt give a kick ass concert)


And finally...

BOOYAH!! and finally we have Skid, the 14 year old... with super friction-free powers. Meaning he can turn off all friction in his body and just glide like he was skating... only without the board...

he just hasn't figured out how to hit the brakes yet.

Skid is ©2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, & Ghosts of Avalon Studios.

Well thats the 5 main heroes... villains and mysterious peeps to come later.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

//mmmmm... pie//

ten bucks says that pie never makes it to the table.

//teether is the shiznit//

Last night I was at karaoke and started working on a new piece that I'll post either tonight or tomorrow called "rockSTARfire". Its inspired by Hynden Walch singing Mad World on the Teen Titans season 1 dvd.

Lets just say you ain't never seen Starfire like this.

I had an urge to post Teether today. This pic was originally drawn as a happy new year pic but he's just too much of a cutie to not post. I lurve Teether.

Cute as a button he is. My co-worker brings her baby to work sometimes... he's teething right now so I call him Teether now. He's a cutie too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

//snow daze and stryker-x//

I love snow days. I woke up this morning and there was a dusting of frost on the ground before I took my shower. This is what I saw when I got out of the shower. It's been doing this for over an hour now. I wish I could call in sick from work and just watch the snow fall all day. Makes me feel like a little kid again.


Here's another installment in the Azura Wasteland project.

Stryker-X. He's such a playah... but he needs to control his powers better. Any time a lovely lady walks by his powers flare up. Poor poor Stryker-X.

Stryker-X ©2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, and Ghosts of Avalon Studios

Comments, critiques and otherwise are loved and appreciated.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

//"deathwing" and muse//

I am in a good mood this afternoon. I checked up on my CDbaby page to see if anyone else had purchased or reviewed my debut album "Make Your Own Adventure" and found I had two loverly reviews. One was even from Teen Titans Go! Writer J. Torres! Here are the reviews:

5 out of 5 stars
Teen Titans... Groove!
Reviewer: J. Torres
Infectious, headbobbing, danceable music! If you're a fan of Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Kid Koala and the like, you're sure to enjoy this CD. And if you happen to be a fan of Teen Titans, then you'll have fun listening to this "lost soundtrack"...

5 out of 5 stars
This album is totally awesome!
Reviewer: DMolla
Typically, I'm not into this kind of music, but Kaden does such an awesome job crafting it and melding it together, that it just drew me in and hooked me. I listen to this album during my long commutes to work, and its beats and rhythms keep me nice and awake. I can totally see dancing to this album in a club!

So yeah... my album being called the TT lost soundtrack is pretty dang cool. Thanks for reviewing you guys.


Now for art. Made for a fanfic that I was co-writing with dmolla but never quite finished, is Deathwing (I believe he is a vast improvement on the scraggly one in the evil raven arch in the early 90s). Deathwing is the Paladin of Scath in the story... he's also Robin... heh heh heh


And another Azura Wasteland pic. This time the final redesign on Muse with colour scheme. Muse can manipulate people through song. She's originally from Ireland. She's very quiet and expresses herself through music.

Muse is ©2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, and Ghosts of Avalon Studios

comments, critiques, and otherwise are appreciated.

Monday, February 20, 2006

//terra and chikara//

Gah, work today was just... I dunno what happened. This morning there was like NOTHING in my inbox. Then I come back from my lunch break and my inbox is overflowing with work orders. I hardly had the chance to breathe... let alone check my bloggity for comments.

But here I am (rock you like a hurricane *snicker*) now, and updating with new and old pieces.

I was down at Dragon*Con this past summer with a portfolio of pieces to show off to the comic/animation artists in hopes of critiques and advice. Ended up giving my prized 80's style Raven drawing to Marv Wolfman who was quite happy to receive it. So that was cool.

Anywho, among the portfolio pieces was a set I did called the Dragon*Con TT Portfolio pieces. I basically drew the toon Titans in a more comic book style. Kind of added my own personal flair to them. Amoung them was this particular piece of Terra (my only time drawing her too)


Well I hope that I will have a coloured costume concept of all of the Demolition Kidz from Azura Wastaland up in the next couple of posts (namely one a post so i have 3 more left after this post).

This is Yuri Hida, aka Chikara (japanese for Fource). She is a powerful young girl with the ability to exude great amounts of Force from her body. She can cause cracks in the pavement by punching it should she choose. She is the only member of the Demolition Kidz that doesnt live in the Wasteland. She is from the upper end of Azura City and her father owns a multibillion dollar corporation. She joins the DKs for the fame. She is a wee bit of a snob.

(she secretly love Gatchaman and Sentai)

Chikara ©copyright 2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, and Ghosts of Avalon Studios.

Comments, critiques, or random hellos are always welcome.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

//raven and tide//

Well I just got back from a weekend long VDay celebration at my fiance's place. Twas quite loverly. He treats me so well, and I cooked dinner for him this year... we switch off who cooks dinner every year. Last year he cooked me a Thai dish with salmon and lemon and lots of spices... it was delicious. He's an amazing cook. So this year I made him Shrimp Alfredo (I'm a very novice chef lol). It was a four cheese sauce with large shrimp in it and it was served with a salad and garlic bread. He bought a nice blush wine and it was just a lovely weekend.

But enough of that... two new pieces to share.

Raven in straight sharpie.

Me thinks Cyborg walked in on her while she was getting dressed.
Me also thinks he did that on purpose.


Here is Tide (Tyrell Washington) from my pet project Azura Wasteland.

Tide is the leader of the Demolition Kidz... a group of super powered teens taking back the streets of Azura City's ghetto... the Wastelands.

Tide is copyright ©2005-2006 Alicia Hackney, Jason Guy, and Ghosts of Avalon Studios

Comments and thoughts etc are appreciated.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

//omg its like kaden//

Well here's my selfportrait. I drew it first in blue copynot pencil then I penciled it. I digitally inked it in illustrator and then coloured it using vectors in Xara Xtreme.

The piece took me a really really long time. But its one of my faves.

I think this piece made me really realize my style. I still have influnces from my anime obsession days... and Murikami, Matsuda, and Timm have also left impressions in my work... but I'm not quite sure what I'd say my style is... My friends all tell me its really unique but I'm not sure.

But I'm happy with it and its the style I'm going to keep for the majority of my portfolio when I present it.

Let me know what y'all think. As always critiques and comments help me to improve and are always appreciated.

Also, real quick, I want to thank all the people in the animation and comic industries who have taken the time to leave comments on my blog. Its very encouraging to me. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

//post it note fevah baby//

first of all... did anyone catch tonights smallville? I got mixed feelings on it. While I've loved Lee Thompson Young since The Famous Jett Jackson and he did a wonderful job playing Victor tonight... I cant help but feel cheated out on the one thing that helped make Victor "Cyborg" Stone so great as a character... the cybernetics on the outside. How he had to deal with discrimination because he was outwardly different. That made him so great... and they didnt do it in the episode (ok ok so budget could be a valid excuse but still...) At least they got his cyborgy parts right when Clark x-rayed him.

Side note... I soooo wanted to see him Sonic Cannon Dr. Kieger's keister.

and now on to POSTIT NOTE ART!!!

I blame Ben Jones' "Swade" drawing for this one...

And who could NOT love Kid Flash... as a chibi?

Well thats all for now (i should just call myself Lady Posts-A-Lot at the rate I'm going). Stay tuned for more art...

and as always... comments make me smile and help me get better. I really want a career in comics or animation. So any critiques or comments or tips are well appreciated and loved.

//ophelia detailed//

Ophelia in detail

Ophelia is property of Alicia Hackney

//titans east & happy raven//

Hey all,

first i want to thank all the people who have taken the time to comment on these entries... you all make my day, really you do. The encouragement means the world to me and as always comments and suggestions help me improve. Thanks

For you today... we have the titans east and happy raven (pinky!!!)

//titans east//

btw... anyone ever notice that Speedy wears heels? yeah that makes me chuckle.

//happy raven//

she should smile like this more... well or not, but its always a bad sign when she smiles so it could be fun...

So, let me know whatcha all think of these pieces.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

//titans go//

Well its been a rough past few monthes... my Nana passed on after suffering since after Christmas (she died the 28th) and we had her memorial service on the 10th. It was very much a healing process. But in the mean while I have been keeping myself preoccupied (because I've never dealt well with death).

I have been drawing up a storm hoping to build up a portfolio to take to the Corcoran in DC. I want to go back to school and get my degree. And I want to do it before I feel its too late.

So any comments you all have on my artwork, please share them. I can't improve without comments. I'd appreciate it.

Anywho, last night I started a doodle in straight sharpie marker... and from there it became a 45 minute monster of a pic. It was done on 8.5 x 11" printer paper and I filled up a good chunk of the page...

and then I coloured it at work when the boss wasn't looking (I so bad)

So for a straight sharpie marker piece... what do you all think?

Monday, February 13, 2006

//happy valentine's day: featuring cyborg, raven, and ophelia//

Well its that time of the year again... where love birds are as happy as a well-fed Silkie and single people are either hoping to find someone or cursing the 14th of february...

that's right my duckies! It's Valentine's Day and that means Valentine's Day artwork (and a non-VDay one for you single cats out there).

First up... my fave TT couple (only recently did it beat out RobRae)

Cyborg and Raven

I call this piece "The 'Sometimes' Glances"

and for you single people out there... meet my home girl...
Ophelia the Ogre Slayer
Ophelia's ax is bigger than yours.

Happy Valentine's Day y'all... hope its a good one.

and on a side note... YAY the TT video game comes out on VDay. Happy day for me!

//darkness ensues//

Well as I work on finishing up my design on Ophelia the Ogre Slayer and add a few minor touches on my Vday pic... here is something on the dark side of titans to hold y'all over.


This pic is actually just a tiny snippit from a comic page I did way back in June. Originally it was Raven looking back at Robin nerveously as he waited for an answer.

It sat idly in my sketch pad, Raven haunting me with that one solitary eye. Finally today I was like "THATS IT! I'm colouring this biatch!"

Well after a considerable amount of cropping, colouring, the addition of a gothic cathedral back ground, and some blood... Guilty Conscience came into being. And what a creation it was. Makes me all kinds of happy.

Even gots me a lyric to go with it.

"Your broken heart it
Beats for the Dear Departed
Your torture is your art it
Just isn't the same"
~ Dissident, Kaden

Saturday, February 11, 2006

//buddy bloggity and post-it-pallooza//

So i got bored at work these past few days... so i went through post its and index cards like mad with my doodlage...

so first the buddy bloggity which was drawn on an index sized card and then coloured in photoshop.

From left to right...
My fiancee Jason, My "big" little brother Scott (aka the 7 ft tall leprechan), and my perpetual adopted little brother and partner in crime Alec.
Buddy Bloggity


This one was an accumulation of several inside jokes. I kinda drove my office mate bonkers when my mixed cd was playing Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" all day long. So that night, on the forums we both frequent, he said that because of hearing "I love you" all day (and being single as he is) he said he must now fight an army of chibi Natasha Bedingfields and that we may not see him again. I wished him well in his good fight and asked him to spare one Chibi Bedingfield for me (because i love chibies and Natasha Bedingfield).

So then my friend Doug (dmolla) says that Chibi Cy would totally be hitting on Chibi Natasha because he's Cy and if its a girl... he hits on her.

So thats where this post-it doodle came from.
Cy you pimpsta

and here is my buddy Mr. Working Class Zombie.


Speaking of post its... I'm thinking of starting up a blog where artists can post their post-it note doodles. A whole art community full of post it note doodles... imagine that! You may say I'm a day dreamer, but I'm not the only one. So let me know if you'd be interested in joining in on that and posting your post it note doodles to it... it'd be called "Post-It Pallooza"

I'll post more later. Working on a piece called "Ophelia the Ogre Slayer" and got a great TT valentines pic for y'all (heh more cyborg/raven art).

Love, peace, and chicken grease y'all.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

//more azura wasteland, the flash, some super deformers, and omg titan mash ups//

First some more Azura Wasteland art...

Muse (costume 2) and Stryker X... lo-res scans


Wally West... is having a bad day. Drew this one night at around 2 AM. Good times good times.
The Flash


Yay for super deformers... having winter fun!


Oh my god! Kaden mashed up Raven with Speedy! She does make a damn cool archer though.

let me know what y'all think

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

//azura wasteland - "muse" first look//

Here is a look at a character from a series me and some friends are working on called Azura Wasteland.

This here be muse.

//rae looks confused, star seems lost, and cy is such a tease//

A few postidy posts of art... yeah I've posted a ton already and I only signed up yesterday... I wont generally post this much but I really want to get some stuff up.

These first three are from a Teen Titans fan comic I started in June but never got around to finishing... it was called "Come The Monsters"

The summary is:

Starfire falls ill after a battle and Raven seems to have all the answers to what is happening. Something terrible is happening and if they don't cure Starfire soon they will lose her to the evil demon Grendebak forever. When Robin puts Raven in charge of the mission to save Star tensions and emotions run high and Raven finds a side of her she never knew she had... and another she tried to bury. Can the Titans save Starfire before its too late or will their own fears and insecurities do them in.

and now the art...


And now for something completely different...

Cy is such a dog...

Well y'all do let me know what you think.

I'll be posting some original characters in the next few days.